Thursday, June 15, 2017

tanekaha speech idea

Kia ora koutou nga tamariki. My name is Tane Kaha and I am eight years old, I also attend to Kaikohe West School, and my speech is about “Why are there games in NZ?”
Why are there games in NZ? Seriously why? Well, today I’m going to answer that for you curious people.
Firstly, I think games are in New Zealand because it’s the most epic and addictive thing that’s in the universe, the gaming universe to be specific. Why is it epic and addictive?
Because it suits people’s taste, because of it has genres/topics on what games you are going to play, for example… RPG, original, platformers and many, many more. The first game ever was a simple ping pong game made in 1958 around 60 years ago, which is indeed a long time period, and now gaming has taken its place to the modern age.
Secondly, I think gaming can be found almost anywhere in the world. I think sports is a game, because in most places they say a game of Cricket, soccer and hockey. I also consider competitions to be known as a game, for instance… Who can throw a paper aeroplane the furthest and loads more.

Thirdly, I think games are in New Zealand because they are just simple, I guess. Paper scissors, rock and Chopsticks is a simple game because they just use two or more people and hand gestures another great example is tag and seaweed, they only use five or more fit and athletic people, which is pretty much every child in New Zealand. This is where the saying comes in “Keep it simple.”
Finally, The cause of gaming in New Zealand is probably for killing time, when you have nothing else important to do. Even though gaming may have it’s great side, but unfortunately it also has the bad one. One of them is that the consoles and the individual games costs a fortune, also online games can ask for your passwords and other personal information, the person could expose your private information, and delete your progression.
That’s not even the worst one. The worst one is, your parents can confiscate it easily, Like this… De-plug the console and take it away. For hand games at school, if you play it on the mat, you go to discipline or you have to stay in lunch, morning tea and it can also can cause your entire class to skip brain break and it can also cause you to not have a fun activity and go right to writing or spelling. Just so you can learn better and stop mucking around, it basically means that don’t play games or else you’ll get distracted.
Thank you for listening to my speech.
Ka kite ano tamariki and remember to do what your suppose to be doing and then you can move into games, That’s why games are in NZ as a treat.

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